Poster Exhibition



Poster Exhibition is one of the programme in the International Conference On Islamic Education and Social Entrepreneurship 2015 (ICIESE2015). The purpose of this research competition is to promote research findings and innovation in the field of Islamic Education and Social Entrepreneurship by exhibiting it to the public. This exhibition is also an ideal platform to strengthen networking and enhance collaboration among researchers, educational institutions and industry.


“Future Research Innovation for Islamic Education and Social Entrepreneurship: Issues and Challenges”


Activities Date
Announcement for Exhibition 1 July 2015
Deadline for Registration 30 September 2015
Notification of Acceptance 1 October 2015
Deadline for Fee Payment 7 October 2015
Booth Setup 11  October 2015
Poster Exhibition 12 – 13 October 2015


Please return the exhibition detail such as full name, position, institution, full address, phone number, email and poster designed to by 30 September 2015. Thank you.


  • The main content of the poster must include: Title of Research, Background/Problems, Objectives, Methodology, Findings/Applications, Novelty/Implications
  • Poster will be printed by the organizer.
  • Specification of poster must be 6 feet x 3 feet. Include only relevant figures of high quality and resolution (not blurry image, at least 300dpi).
  • Researcher’s photos and details must be attached.


  • Researchers/Participants are  encouraged  to  prepare  a  simple  slide  for presentation purposes during judging session.
  • Research should be presented in 10 minutes (1 minute for introduction, 3 minutes for explanation, 1 minute for conclusion and 5 minutes for Q & A session).
  • Presentation must be in English or Malay.


Participation in this research exhibition will be divided according to the categories as follows:

  1. Research Project
  2. Master and PhD Research


  1. Novelty: Novelty of research and contribution to body of knowledge.
  2. Usefulness: Relevance of the research in solving problem (s) and contribution to education.
  3. Recognition: Academic publication – journals, books, proceeding & etc.
  4. Presentation : Researcher’s knowledge about research.


  1. Registration is on-line through exhibition form:
  2. Only complete application will be certified to participate in the research exhibition.


Status Fees (Exhibitor only) Fees (Presenter and Exhibitor)
Local MYR 350.00 MYR 100.00
International USD 120.00 USD 50.00

*The exhibition fee includes conference materials, meals & refreshment (as in programme tentative) and covers for one exhibitor/participant only.

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